Root Canal Treatment

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What is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is usually required when the soft dental pulp inside your tooth becomes infected. This can be due to decay, leaky fillings or injury to the tooth. The pulp will begin to die because the bacteria involved will invade the root space, which causes the tissues around the end of the tooth to become swollen and inflamed. This causes toothache and pain in the later stages of infection, and eventually can turn into a dental abscess.

What is involved in Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is treatment carried out through the tooth to remove the bacteria and clean the root canal of any dead tissue and infection. After the tooth is cleaned a root filling is placed to seal the tooth. If root treatment is not carried out the tooth will eventually need to be removed. We strongly encourage all patients to have root treatment if needed as it means you get to keep as many of your own teeth as possible. Root treatment can be very successful. 9 out of 10 teeth will heal well after treatment. Root canal treatment should not hurt as a local anaesthetic is given to avoid any pain during the procedure and is no different to having an ordinary filling. We do use up to date and modern techniques, which include the placement of rubber dam to keep the treatment area free from bacteria. The only discomfort may be experienced after root treatment for a couple of days that is usually alleviated with over the counter painkillers.

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