Covid Update: We are here for you

To all our valued patients,

It appears that the Covid situation is going to be with us for some time. As a health care provider we are able to continue operating as normal to provide you with a safe experience.

At Watermead Dental we have striven to enable our patients to avoid any oral health problems by maintaining dental care in the safest possible way.

We have now been open for four months since the enforced Covid shut down and we are delighted to report that it has gone extremely well.

With the ongoing active patient vetting and the enhanced and continuous sanitising procedures, we can assure you that our premises are amongst the very safest places you will visit. We are so pleased and grateful to the many patients who have expressed their gratitude as they felt the experience demonstrated the same level of care and the same level of treatment but in an environment in which they could witness our efforts and feel perfectly safe.

The optimum interval for a routine examination is considered to be every 6 months:

  1. Prevention is always better than the cure, identifying minor deterioration can often avoid invasive treatment and occasionally a dentist may detect the early stages of something quite serious.

  2. Part of the purpose of the routine examination is to identify any incremental changes from one exam to the next.

  3. The maximum recommended interval is 12 months, beyond this the opportunity to fix a problem without further interventions becomes lower.

We strongly advise all patients to protect their mouth, teeth and gums so they should have as a minimum one check-up every year.

If you are overdue for a routine check-up please call us on 0116 260 7625 to either:

  • Make an appointment

  • Let us know if you are shielding or

  • Tell us if you simply do not wish to make another appointment at this time.

Either way, please call us on 0116 260 7625, so we can update our system and then we can manage automatic reminders so that they are relevant to individual patients.

Corona Virus Measures at Watermead Dental

Covid 19: The new experience at Watermead Dental:

The patient experience is now a little different from before due to the enhanced safety protocols we have enacted to keep all patients and staff safe.

As we are in the Healthcare Sector, we already maintain a very clean and safe environment but during the Covid situation we are following additional more stringent procedures set by our professional governing bodies.

What to expect when you return?

In order to minimise interaction at the practice we will be organising appointments, handling triage and taking payments over the phone (wherever possible).

Appointments will be booked over the phone and we will ask you the following questions:

Have you or anyone in your household in the last 14 days :

Had a recurring cough?

Had a temperature or fever?

Had loss of or change in taste or smell?

Or been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid or had any of the above Covid symptoms?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you will be asked to contact us once 14 days have passed since you last experienced any of the above symptoms.

We will ask for a current email address and mobile phone number. Please provide this information as it is the only way we can communicate quickly with patients.

There are many treatments that we perform that we can continue to provide on a normal basis as we have already raised the levels of sanitising and PPE throughout the practice. Hence there is no additional charge for these treatments.

However, there are a few treatments that are referred to as Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP’s). We are able to do these, subject to meeting very stringent rules. There is a surcharge for these treatments because they now take much longer;  they require a higher level of PPE and necessitate total sanitising of the surgery after every treatment.

What is an AGP?

These are procedures that create higher levels of airborne particles

e.g. the hygienists ultrasonic cleaner.

When we use this type of equipment there are strict rules that we must adhere to:

  1. PPE: the level of protective equipment we wear is much higher, clinicians and their nurses will be dressed like surgeons!

  2. Fallow Time: Following these treatments there is a period of up to one hour when we must vacate the surgery to allow airborne particles to settle after which we must sanitise the entire surgery.

Your Arrival at the Practice

The door will be locked, please ring the bell for a team member to open the door and let you in. A face mask is required to enter the practice.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment , if you arrive earlier we may not have space to allow you to enter. If you are late we may need to make you a new appointment.

  • Please arrive with a face mask.

  • Please travel light. Only bring absolutely essential items

  • Please bring your own carrier bag to contain any personal belongings that you must have with you (including coats).

  • Please arrive alone wherever possible.

  • You will be met by one of our team who will then recheck your medical history and Covid questionnaire.

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands and our staff will guide you around the practice.

  • Patients should avoid any contact with anything. Most doors will be kept open and the handrails and surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

During your appointment

The nurse will collect you from the waiting area and take you to the surgery.

The dentist and nurse will be wearing appropriate PPE e.g. visor, mask, gloves and apron. They cannot take these off for a conversation which is why all triage will be conducted over the phone beforehand.

Rest assured, they are the same friendly people underneath.

After your appointment you will be directed to and leave by the rear door as the front door cannot accommodate two-way traffic.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Watermead Dental

Routine Dentistry

Routine Dentistry
Our aim is to help our valued patients enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life through modern, caring and ethical dentistry.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns
Crowns are an artifical restoration made to fit over a prepared tooth making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene
Our friendly and experienced dental hygienists aim to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth and a fresh breath.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Strong enough to remove stubborn stains from your teeth, our whitening system will not damage or weaken them.

White Fillings

White Fillings
White or tooth coloured fillings provide a healthier, more natural-looking alternative to traditional silver, amalgam fillings.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers
Providing the ideal way of treating severely discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth, veneers offer a natural looking appearance.

“ Thank you so much for your patience and care, I am so happy with my new teeth... I can't stop smiling! ``

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With a focus on personalised patient care and a dedication to excellence,
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Wide Choice of Treatments

Wide Choice of Treatments

We believe that your smile is one of your most valuable assets, which is why we are committed to helping you look after and make the most of yours through a wide choice of general and cosmetic dental treatments.
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Friendly, Caring and Gentle Dentistry

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Relaxed and Friendly Environment

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Modern Technologies

With a focus on professional patient care, high quality dental treatments and state of the art technologies, we take pride in offering the forefront of 21st dentistry to Syston and the surrounding areas.

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